Rabbi Janice Mehring – Outshine The Darkness

We keep hearing the term neo-Nazi to describe these alt-right, white supremacists. But this new Nazi is the same as the old Nazi. They spew the same racist, xenophobic, antisemitic vile rhetoric. We’ve seen this before and if left unchecked, we know where this leads....

Reverend Ian M. Delinger – Outshine The Darkness

A Sermon in Response to Charlottesville, VA By The Rev Ian M Delinger Rector of St Stephen’s Episcopal Church in San Luis Obispo, CA September 20, 2017 Based on Matthew 15:21-28 (at the end of the sermon) As you know, I spoke at the Vigil for Charlottesville, VA...

Erica Reyes for Congressman Carbajal – Outshine The Darkness

Good Evening and thank you all for being here tonight. My name is Erica Reyes and I am here on behalf of Congressman Carbajal who unfortunately was unable to be here with us tonight. He asked me to come and share a few words on his behalf: Seeing the events unfold in...
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