Below is where you’ll find the latest news & information for the Women’s March in San Luis Obispo.

Truth To Power Speeches

***In order of appearance WELCOME BY DAWN ADDIS Good Morning San Luis Obispo! Are you ready? Lemme hear you say Truth! Lemme hear you say Power! Before I start let me introduce the organizers - Dawn Addis, Andrea Chmelik, Jen Ford, Pat Harris, Terry Parry, and new...

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Women’s March California Statement on Women’s March Movement

Women’s March California and Women’s March Inc. are separate organizations that arose from a shared grassroots movement sparked by the presidential election of 2016. Women’s March California is a 501c3 with thirteen chapters. Women’s March California does not share...

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Nicole Brydson, Truth To Power Keynote Speaker

Nicole Brydson is a conceptual artist, journalist and entrepreneur who was born and raised in New York City. After graduating from Harvard in 2004 with a BA in political science, and concentrations in film, art history and writing, Nicole went on to work in...

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Dr. Leola Dublin Macmillan, Truth To Power Speaker

Dr. Leola Dublin Macmillan is a critical cultural scholar, essayist and social justice warrior. She holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from Washington State University. Her scholarly production includes work on adolescent identity development in marginalized girls, the...

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Rita Casaverde, Truth To Power Speaker

Rita Casaverde is a Product Management leader in software and technology with an extensive background in environmental protection and minority rights activism. Rita was granted a Green Youth award by the United Nations for her environmental conservation work in the...

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Dian Sousa, Truth To Power Poet

Dian Sousa is an activist, drinking companion and reverend to the heretical and free. She's been working on writing poems since she was 5. She has been nominated for a few Pushcart Prizes. Her third book, The Marvels Recorded In My Private Closet, was published by Big...

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Samba Loca

Samba Loca is a percussion group based out of San Luis Obispo’s Drum Circuit devoted to high energy entertainment and Afro-Brazilian percussion education. They invigorated the crowd at the Women’s March in San Luis Obispo in 2017, at the Hear Our Vote rally in 2018,...

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Noach Tangeras, Truth To Power Performer

Noach Tangeras is a New Times award winning singer/songwriter with a background in marine biology. She grew up in Indiana, went to college in Maine, and traveled around the country for a few years, before moving to the central coast to work as a fisheries observer....

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Victim Impact Statement

***This Victim Impact Statement was read at Mr. Phares' sentencing on 12/11/2018. We hope that this statement will encourage others to use their voices in difficult situations, and remind others to listen, and to believe victims.*** To the Honorable Judge Guerrero and...

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