Every person attending this historic event is marching for a reason! Below is a living display showcasing many of your reasons why this march means so much.

Would you like to be included? Tell us what you are marching for! Send us your #WhyIMarch through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

*The views expressed here are personal statements shared by marchers. These statements are not official statements made by the Organizers of the Women’s March San Luis Obispo or the Women’s March on Washington.

To stand up for the progress we’ve made for women’s rights, and for the progress that will/needs to continue to be made.

To let the new administration know we will not stand quiet in the face of injustice. We will not allow our future or bodies to be comprimised.

I march as a survivor of sexual assault.

Equal rights for all! Let’s not regress civil rights successes. Trans visibility, black lives matter, equal pay for equal work, end police brutality and mass incarceration.

To stand in solidarity with people who have so much to lose. To let this administration know we will not be silent on issues that deny people their basic rights.



To show concern for the future.

To share with others the gratitude and joy of our oneness. A true appreciation of the wonder of being alive in this moment in time. Sharing our common heartfelt divinity with all the greatness and goodness we can conjure up by just being uniquely who we are- at one with each other- in perfect harmony and solidarity.



I am very concerned, and yes fearful, of what may come in the next four years. Women’s rights, minority rights, LBGTQ rights, rights of the poor and the press may all be under attack. In fact, our Constitutional rights may also be under attack.

I march for women’s equality.

Because I refuse to normalize hate and bigotry.

To show that there is a strong, united group of people ready to keep this country great.

Because it is time to stand up for what matters to me most; women’s rights, human rights, fair and equal treatment for all people regardless of color, religion, sex, sexual orientation. Only love can defeat hate. Time to show that those with love in their hearts outnumbers those with hate and fear. For my mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, nieces, nephews and my beautiful granddaughters.

To stand for the rights and liberties of ALL. I care about our democracy and am adamant about preserving and defending it. I could go on and on. Never in my 61 years have I felt so endangered by the leadership in my own country.

For my Mother and Grandmothers who are not here to march.

To let the world know that Donald Trump being elected POTUS is not the new American normal. We must show the world that we are better than what this election says we are as Americans. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must proudly show that we are better than this.


Federal Dream Act – continuation of DACC, installation of DAPA ( no more deportations splitting up families) Immigration Reform that does not punish.




Opportunity to stand for women.




I do not want to go backward. I fought in the sixties for equal rights,women’s issues ,education, everything we have a big chance of losing. Global warming is huge. I want a place where are children are free of all this hatred✌️✌?️


For my Mother and Grandmothers who are not here to march.



Power in numbers.

To stand up against racism and sexism.

Because I want the President-elect to see and hear who I am.



To build a collective voice.

Because I am proud to be American I march for the ideals of Democracy, for my sons to grow up in a world they are proud of, for my friends who have said, “I am afraid.”, for children who no longer feel at home in their homes. And I march because as a women, daughter, wife, mother, and friend on Jan. 21, 2017 I sill CAN march.



I want to represent an inclusive America.

I am marching for the marginalized and vulnerable, marching in the spirit of unity and equality, marching for (and with) my young sons with the hope that they always respect and value wome.



I’m a concerned woman, wife & grandmother. I’m also a product of the 60’s. We are the generation of women who fought hard for basic human rights for all. I want our newly elected Administration to know that those hard-fought rights are more crucial than ever. Our silence would signal our acceptance and I want more for our country’s future!



I am marching because I feel that I can no longer be complacent. It’s all too easy to be a passive voter–vote and expect politicians to take care of the rest. I realize from this past election that I need to do more to make a difference. I don’t yet know exactly how I’ll move forward with my intentions to become more involved and help make our society (and world) a better place for humankind, but participating in this march is a step in the right direction.


For all, both women and men. To express with my voice and feet that hate is not a solution but action is a necessary response when circumstances threaten the safety and dignity of anyone.


I will be marching for the rights of all human beings.

I am marching because I am both ANGRY with the new administration & HOPEFUL that together we can protect our basic human rights. I am marching for my daughters & their children. I am marching for my badass hero Beth Bauman who has dedicated her life to learning, educating & inspiring youths & communities to improve the lives of others through inter-faith & inter-racial programs. Happy 60th Birthday Beth.



I am marching to show solidarity with my fellow human beings. I must distance myself from the negative male role model that is currently being set by our leaders.



Women’s issues.



I will be marching to bring awareness to the community and standing for the rights of victims, survivors, and Thrivers from Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), Sexual Assault (SA), & Domestic Violence (DV). I am in the process of building a network of these Survivors that choose to thrive on the Central Coast of California. We are strong and fearless from any stigma. Giving survivors a peer support forum lets our community of survivors know that they are not alone. This “peer support network is based on the belief that people who have faced, endured, and overcome adversity can offer useful support, encouragement, hope and perhaps mentor-ship to others similar situations” (Davidson, Chinman, and Rowe). This network is not counselor driven but Thrivers that motivate and give freely to one another to do great things in our community. We are at the stage in our lives where there is no threat of harm and we are not controlled by the stigma that has kept many suppressed. “We are not here to just survive but to thrive!”



To show solidarity with women. To show the world that I do not agree with the proposed policies and tone of the President Elect. To show that there is strength in numbers. Most importantly, to show my children that they matter and that the battle towards an equitable world continues.

So that my voice is heard and do what I can so the country doesn’t move backwards with human rights.

To defend democracy.

For my daughters, granddaughters and me – women’s rights, strength in numbers.

Human rights are in jeopardy with the new administration.

I am marching to show the new Congress and Trump that I am not letting them take back all the rights of women that we have won so far. For all the people who have been treated unfairly. They do not have a mandate and we will vote them out of office in 2018!

I’m marching to keep the hope alive that my grandmother held before women could vote.
Mary Ann

I’m standing for my beliefs.

To hold back the threat against women’s rights.

Because women’s right to decide what to do with their own bodies is extremely important to me. I can’t believe this is even an issue. Since it is, I will do everything I can to keep women in charge of their bodies.

To make sure the new President and his appointees see that we will stand up and not be silent if our hard won rights as women are threatened.

Pro women pro diversity.

To meet others who want to make a difference.



To guarantee that rights for women are not eroded.

To be one of many.

For equality for all!!!!

For Women’s, Human Rights, etc.

I am marching because I am a Deaf Woman who wants to make a difference by erasing the word disabled! I have abilities that are an asset not an imagined burden!



“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmond Burke, Irish Statesman, 1729-1797

“Well behaved women rarely make history.” I march for my daughter, my sister, my mother, my grandmothers, other family and friends, because women make up half the human race, but only a fraction of the decision makers worldwide.


To let this incoming administration and Congress know that we are watching them, that we will fight them on injustice at every turn…that we are the resistance, we are activists, we are involved, we are willing to stand up and fight for all our rights (and that includes the planet!!).


I need a way to channel the anger and fear that I feel into something positive and affirming.



I’m marching for my grand daughter and the rights of all regardless of their color, religion, orientation or gender!



For the elderly and retirees, that they continue to receive the benefits they’ve paid for all their working lives. Medicare and Social Security are vital!



For the 30 years ago me.



When voting feels futile, it’s critical to still let our voices be heard and our presence be seen.



I am marching because I believe in a future that holds compassion above judgment.



Peace, unity, justice, human rights, diversity, women’s rights, etc!



I march to show solidarity with people who respect and care about all civil rights and social justice. To show my support to organizations and associations that embrace and represent values of human decency for every world citizen. I march to defend and control my body. I march to honor and carry on the ethical principles my mother taught me.


Mama Kap

Values, morals, environment & humanity.


Women’s right + civil rights.






Because women’s right to decide what to do with their own bodies is extremely important to me. I can’t believe this is even an issue. Since it is, I will do everything I can to keep women in charge of their bodies.

I feel compelled to take an action in support of women everywhere in response to the election of a man who threatens all we have accomplished as women.

To continue to bring women’s issues up front and to show we aren’t giving up.

To show that I will not allow anyone’s constitutional rights to be denied. I will stand up. I will be loud. I will never give up.

My formative years were nurtured in a culture that valued “quiet” women. We weren’t supposed to be too loud or confrontational or opinionated. We weren’t supposed to be too smart either. But my mother, and women like her, saw there could be more for their daughters. They fought so that even though it might be uncomfortable for me, I would know being loud or confrontational or opinionated and smart wasn’t a “bad” thing, but empowerment – so that I could raised my daughter in her formative years with the sure knowledge that she is equal in every way and has as many opportunities as anyone. I believe women in each generation tries to make their daughters stronger and more fearless than they were. We have been building momentum, and I feel it is important that we continue on. This is not a time to be shy or quiet. My grandmother’s, my mother’s, mine, and my daughter’s wants and needs are important. My Body – My Say in everything that happens to it. My Mind – My Determination of what my value is.




For the future of my grandchildren



I feel very strongly that we need to let the newly elected administration know that it can not back slide on the progress made to date regarding women’s, family, Pro-choice, and LGBTQ rights.



To protect everything I believe in.





For equality.



To send a message to Donald Trump and his administration, along with Congress, that women’s freedoms, women’s rights, and women’s health are the underpinnings of our culture and we will not allow them to turn back the clock on the progress we have made on these fronts.






To show support for tolerance, equality, justice, liberty and basic human decency…as well as environmental concerns.


I am raising strong daughters.


I march because the thing that weighs on me daily is that this country just made a huge statement about what it thinks of women and girls when it comes to who they decided to put in the Oval. Not just a man…THAT man. With his attitudes about women. His attitudes about our appearance, our worth, our ‘use’ to him as a man, our value as women. I march for women’s reproductive rights — because we’re STILL having to take a stand for women to have the right to their own bodies. I march for the disenfranchised. I march for the minority groups across the board that were subject to his scorn and ridicule during the campaign. I march to take a stand against the hate and fear he incited; hate that his surrogates claim he should bear no responsibility for. Lastly, I march for my sons. That they may know that love DOES trump hate and that there is no wall that can break humanity, if we are willing to stand together.




For children and the generations of children to come and for Mother Earth.




I am marching to show my commitment to defend and respect all my students and their families, especially my Mexican-American students. I am marching to ensure that my 5 daughters will be able to pursue their dreams without fear or discrimination.


Mrs. D


We have a voice. We should be heard.




Equality for all.



My children, your children and all the creatures on this earth.






POR LA IGUALDAD. Porque todos somos humanos sin importar de donde somos o de dónde venimos.






As an educator, wife, mother, American, and Muslim, I believe that striving to improve our community is essential. God willing, my family will be marching to express our continued dedication to serving and supporting our community and neighbors in whatever way possible. We hope that our community and neighbors will continue to support us as well.





For my parents who chose America as our country. For my daughters whose future we hold in our hands. As a patriotic act.










Women’s rights, pro- choice, Planned Parenthood, Human Rights including housing and affordable healthcare for all.










I am marching for all my teenaged students, female, male, and trans. I want them to have everything they dream of in life, and to come of age in a world with less shame, hate, self-doubt, and gender discrimination than the one they were born into.










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