Women’s March San Luis Obispo Calls for Action: We Cannot Overturn Roe
A conservative majority at the Supreme Court appears ready to overturn Roe v. Wade decision that has protected abortion rights for nearly 50 years.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – (May 3, 2022) – According to a May 2, 2022 leaked draft of the Supreme Court majority, the consitutional right to abortion care known as Roe will soon be overturned. Roe v. Wade is the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that affirmed the constitutional right to abortion.

“While the leaked draft is not the final word, it is an alarming sign of what’s to come for the legal right to abortion,” said Women’s March SLO Co-Executive Director Andrea Chmelik. “If Roe is overturned, we know that as many as 26 states are set to immediately ban abortion care, leaving millions of people without access. We cannot stand by and quietly let this happen. Now is exactly the time to keep showing up, speaking up, and making our voices heard.”

Women’s March SLO (WMSLO) believes that the right to make decisions about one’s own body and reproductive functions is at the core of basic rights to equality, privacy and bodily autonomy. WMSLO firmly supports reproductive freedom for all. The organization has worked tirelessly to defend abortion care access. This includes fighting against federal, state or local rollbacks, cuts or restrictions on access to quality reproductive healthcare services, gender affirming care, birth control, or medically accurate sexuality education. 

“Abortion restrictions are about control – they are designed to make care harder to provide, obtain and afford, and disproportionately affect people who are low income, people of color, young people, LGBTQ+ people, and those who live in rural communities,” said Women’s March San Luis Obispo Co-Executive Director Dawn Addis. “It’s up to each of us to make a difference right here, right now. Don’t wait for someone else to take action.”

WMSLO urges the public to join in education, advocacy and action for reproductive rights in the following ways: 

  • advocate for affordable and accessible care at all levels
  • elect school board members who support accurate education about gender and sexuality
  • elect city councilmembers, county supervisors, and state and federal representatives who explicitly support reproductive health care and abortion
  • vote for reproductive freedom champions in midterm 2022 election and in every election
  • contact your elected representatives
  • write a letter to the editor
  • share your stories and support others who are in need of reproductive health care
  • support your local Planned Parenthood
  • give your time, money and energy to become a part of the solution

Women’s March San Luis Obispo is a fiscally-sponsored non-profit with the mission of building a women-friendly world through education, advocacy and action. More information about the organization can be found at www.womensmarchslo.com.

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