We don’t want anyone marching on empty stomach, so we are bringing food vendors to the event!

The Cubanissimo Food Truck will be in Mitchell Park serving authentic Cuban cuisine. Chef Arqui Trenado was born in Camaguey, Cuba and came to the United States in 1997 to fulfill his American dream. Cubanissimo brings the unique flavors of Cuba to the Central Coast. He looks forward to sharing his passion for food and the exceptional tastes of Cuba with you. The brightly colored food truck is easy to spot on the street, but following the business on its social media is the best way to know when and where the truck will be and what eats will be featured. Truck locations and daily menus can be found by following Cubanissimo on Facebook or Instagram.


Javed Kabab Paradise Truck brings authentic taste from the oldest civilization of Indus Valley. Their special blend of marinades and spices will leave you wanting more. The menu is simple – kabab wraps, rice platters, and chicken tikka, but the recipes used have been passed from generations and have been loved and craved by people of all colors and races. To find out more about their menu, visit their Facebook page.


SLO Mama Sweets vintage ice cream truck is bringing frozen treats to the Women’s March! From SLO Mama Kathy: “After spending many years baking wedding cakes and desserts, I was ready to reveal a different side of my creativity. As a mom and wife, it was my desire to pursue a career on the Central Coast in which I could teach a strong work ethic to my children, instill the concept of “giving” and at the same time, incorporate some fun! Post inspiration, it took several years of dreaming, planning and building until our “baby” was born, a fully restored 1954 vintage ice cream truck. With the lovely jingling of our brass bells, we hope you will be transported to a dreamy time gone by as you enjoy our tasty frozen treats.” Visit SLO Mama Sweets website or Facebook page to learn more!



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