San Francisco Supervisor Malia Cohen is running for the state Board of Equalization to put the interests of the people before those of special interests on the Board of Equalization. She has fought her entire career to put the interests of the people first, which is why she took on Big Soda last year and passed the sugar-sweetened beverage tax, which is expected to generate over $14 million annually to fund public health and physical education programs in San Francisco. The measure passed with 62 percent of the vote and paved the way for soda tax initiatives across the country. Malia Cohen has the strong financial background necessary to be an effective voice on the Board of Equalization. She serves as Chair of the Board of Supervisors’ Budget and Finance Committee, which oversees appropriation ordinances and measures concerning bond issues, taxes, fees, and other revenue measures, redevelopment, and real estate. She also serves as the President of the San Francisco Employee Retirement System (SFERS), which manages a $20 billion pension fund. In this role, she has led efforts to divest from fossil fuels and thermal coal investments, and moved $100 million into a fossil fuel-free index fund. Cohen is a fiduciary member of the San Francisco Transportation Authority, which manages the proceeds of a half-cent sales tax that generates $100 million annually for transportation investments in the County. Cohen has dedicated her time in office to supporting small businesses, including authoring landmark legislation that prevented the displacement of dozens of manufacturing businesses and saved hundreds of jobs in San Francisco. She was also a co-sponsor of the Small Business Revolving Loan Fund, which supports the investment in new and existing businesses in San Francisco. Cohen authored the Pregnancy Information Disclosure and Protection Ordinance, prohibiting limited-service pregnancy centers from making false or misleading statements about their services. After passage, this measure was challenged in the United States District Court and upheld in its entirety. Most recently, Cohen championed the efforts on the Neighborhood Preference legislation, which prioritizes 40 percent of all affordable housing in new development projects for those who live in the existing neighborhoods. Malia Cohen was born and raised in San Francisco. She earned a BA in Political Science from Fisk University and a MS in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

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