(These are in addition to the agreements we’ve shared and the Kingian principles of Non-Violence we support)


  • Stay calm. Be patient. Do not create a crowd surge that could endanger you or others.
  • March in the street, not on the sidewalks. Make space on both sides of the street for the police to pass around us – they will be leapfrogging forward to close the intersections ahead of us to keep us safe from incoming traffic.
  • See Something, Say Something! Please report dangerous behavior, not the difference of opinions.
  • Do not engage with aggressors. Take a breath and walk away.
  • Be mindful of others. Understand that people who do not participate might be inconvenienced by street closures.
  • Not everyone will be supportive of your cause. Respect that. Live and let live.
  • Remember that those who disagree with you have the same freedom of speech rights as you do.
  • Understand that the police is there to keep everyone safe, regardless of which group they belong to.
  • Understand that the police are there to work, not to socialize.
  • Do not block traffic. Keep moving. If you decide to interrupt the procession, the police will ask you to move. If you refuse, they might have to remove you.
  • Please, for safety reasons, stay on the march route until you return to Mitchell Park. If you must exit the march path for an emergency, please ask for assistance from a march volunteer in a yellow vest.
  • If you are marching with children, keep them close to you.
  • Stay safe and help others do the same.
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