Wendy Lucas is a member of the yak tityu tityu yak tiłhini (YTT) Northern Chumash Tribe of San Luis Obispo County and Region. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from CSULB and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley, and practiced as a physical therapist in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and here in San Luis Obispo.

She is a wife, mother, and grandmother, and takes the issues confronting the environment and humanity seriously, especially as they impact our shared legacy. She has worked locally to advocate for the greater recognition of the YTT tribe, wrote the Proclamation for Indigenous Peoples Day adopted unanimously by the City Council of San Luis Obispo, and was awarded a grant to promote greater awareness of the Northern Chumash presence and contributions.

Wendy continues to work vigorously to advocate for her tribe in modern-day SLO County to help preserve and protect its wisdom and culture. She also continues her passions as a musician and an artist. When she is not doing t’ai chi, she’s drinking coffee at Ascendo, walking at Avila Beach or on the phone with her daughters on their way to work.

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