by Emmet Arries, WMSLO Student Activist Grant Recipient

My name is Emmet Arries, and I am a student at Cuesta College. I was one of the core organizers for the September 27 rally and march for climate action in San Luis Obispo.

The Women’s March San Luis Obispo grant helped us tremendously with funding for printing costs and other expenses for the event that was attended by over 500 people.

Terry Parry, WMSLO Lead and the WMSLO Student Activist Grant Director, with the grant recipient Emmet Arries.

On September 27, we were able to bring new people into the movement and call on San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors to take real action on the climate crisis. The event was part of a global movement of over 6 million people rising for climate and demanding climate justice.

Thank you to the Women’s March San Luis Obispo for financial support, the event wouldn’t have happened without their support.

Over 500 people gathered on September 27 in front of the Court building in San Luis Obispo to rise for climate action.

Are you a student in SLO County working on a project aligned with the Women’s March SLO Unity Principles that benefits SLO County? You can apply for the WMSLO Student Activist Grant!

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